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fast_and_easy Fast and easy installation reduced_cost Reduced cost unlock_smart_charging Unlock smart charging services in private places users_authentication Users authentication sharing_monetization Sharing and monetization features
advanced_charging Advanced charging options
specs Max 16 A, 230V, 3.7 kW, monophasic, Wi-Fi

About_us EVIO developed a smart electricity socket with intelligent functionalities that, combined with our platform, gives you a smart charging station at an affordable price without having to spend hundreds of euros on a wallbox or a charging station.

Enables any user to seamlessly convert a standard private electricity socket into a virtual smart charging station.
Enables new business cases for the customer with a positive net revenue. By using EVIO platform at home with EVIO smart electricity socket, the customer

(1) can simply go to bed and have their EV start charging during the night when the tariff is cheaper. We estimate a conservative average 225 € / year net saving.

(2) can share and monetize, giving access and providing charging services to others,in this case we estimate a conservative 493 € / year net revenue.
Allows more people to charge at home, or other places, and take advantage of intelligent charging options, like green and sustainability options, set amount of money, set quantity of kWh, set time, best electricity tariff, schedule charging, etc..
Another example is if a company uses the EVIO Platform, any employee with a company’s electric vehicle can charge it at home while still billing the company. To enable this the employee just needs to connect his private charging point or the EVIO hardware socket device to the EVIO network.

Slide Enabling electric vehicles charging.
Anywhere. Everywhere.
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