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Slide EVIO Platform Services CHECK OUR SOLUTIONS One platform. All the services.

explore_map Explore the map and choose the right charging point Find a CP according to your needs, initiate or schedule your chargings and at the end pay automatically through the wallet. add_charging_point Add your own charging point Sharing of private chargers in companies, condominiums and private garages, with power management features, monetization capabilities and other services. add_your_ev Add your EV Manage and assign drivers to your EVs, select your primary vehicle and check your insights. bookings_and_sessions Bookings and Sessions Check your bookings, your charger's bookings and track your sessions in real time.

operation_management EVIO’s multi-sided platform delivers added value services to several stakeholders of the electric mobility ecosystem.
Operation and management of charging station Share and monetization of charging stations Scheduled charging and booking EV fleet management Energy management Behavior analytics and AI suggestions Different charging options E.g.: amount; time, kWh, scheduling, choose lower tariff periods, improve user’s carbon footprint by charging when there is bigger quantity of renewable energy being generated, energy load balance and others.

operation_management Hardware Agnostic
Compatible with the different brands and models of charging stations available on the market and systems use by the manufacturers.

We integrate several of the existing charging protocols.

operation_management Interlinked with other service providers and operators.

Integrates several roaming protocols assuring that the customers can charge their EVs in numerous places in the world with the same account.
Interoperable and allows Roaming

operation_management Digital charging cards and authentication (RFID cards are optional).

operation_management Scalable and Cloud-based.

operation_management We offer carbon compensation options to mitigate client’s carbon foot print.


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